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Our Services at a glance

Our Services at a glance

Equipment for Project Erection Support on Rental Basis

                ●All type of light, medium and heavy Equipment and tools                       support on rental basis from our own capability;

                ●Loading, unloading, carrying, lifting placing to base of all                       type of machineries equipment and Accessories.

Mechanical Works:

                ●All Machineries Equipment placing and setting to base;

                ●Piping connection for Machineries and Equipment;

                ●Industrial Generator Installation & Commissioning;

                ●Power Plant Equipment Installation & Commissioning;

                ●Cooling System: HT and LT;

                ●Exhaust System;

                ●Ventilation System & Ducting System;

                ●Insulation and Jacketing;

                ●Support and Structure;

                ●Supply all type of Mechanical Accessories;

                ●Generator Maintenance & Servicing;

                ●Assistance for all Testing and Commissioning.

Electrical Works:

                ●Electrical Works for Power Plant (Diesel, GAS, HFO based plant)

                ●Cable Tray Supply & Installation;

                ●Cable Lying, Cable Termination;

                ●Supply and Installation of Electrical Cable;

                ●Supports Structure Fabrication & Installation;

                ●PNL Equipment and Accessories Placing and Setting;

                ●HT Cable Laying Dressing and Termination;

                ●LT Cable laying Dressing Termination;

                ●Control Cable Laying Dressing Termination;

                ●Transformer Placing and Setting to Base & Oil Centrifuge;

                ●Gain Tree Structure Supply, Fabrication and Installation;

                ●Over Head Cable Pulling and Termination;

                ●Supply all type of Electrical Accessories with Cable;

                ●Assistance for all Testing and Commissioning.

Civil Works:

                ●Construction of Sub-Station on Turnkey Basis;

                ●Construction of Industrial & Factory Building;

                ●Construction of Power Plants;

                ●Engineering Works for Workshop.

Materials Supply:

                ●Construction Materials;

                ●Electrical & Hardware Items;

                ●Welding Materials;

                ●Tools & Machineries;

                ●Mechanical, Piping and Consumable Materials;

                ●All kind of Project Required Items.


                ●Auction/Purchases of all kind of Construction Equipment, Machineries and Materials;

                ●All kind of Project Materials, Machineries and Equipment for Sale;

                ●Ready Stock for Sale Steel Materials H-Beam, Sheet Pile, Container, Bar Cutter, Bar Bender, Vibrator, Scaffolding, Welding Generator, Concrete Truck


Customs & NBR:

                ●Customs & NBR Formalities, Board of Investment Permission Related any Kind of Work.

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